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"Shakespeare and Company" - a bookstore in Paris.

Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux, partly destroyed during WWII in Caen, France


Duomo Milano. Near the main entrance is a sundial, engraved with zodiac symbols, installed in 1768 by astronomers from the Accademia di Brera, placed so that it is struck by a ray of sunlight breaking through a hole in the opposite wall. On the summer solstice, the ray strikes the tongue of bronze set in the floor; on the winter solstice, the ray of light stretches out to reach the meridian. Meridian of the Duomo, astronomical reference until 1884, when it was replaced by Greenwich.

je me réjouie absolument pas de te saluer, Il est à l'heure où je décide de te saluer et déjà tu ouvres la porte à la nuit, Non, décidément je ne suis pas une fille d'hiver, Pourtant parfois j'aime bien rester au coin du feu, écrire, lire, manger...