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La Reunion Island - Volcanic Indian Ocean Island 700 km east of Madagascar. The Largest of the Mascarene Islands. Population 840,000. Similar culture aspects to Hawaii. I was here for a month in 2005. I had the best sandwich of my life here, baguette stuffed with (best of all) meatballs, French fries, cheese, mayo and mustard!! I ate one from a street cart at least four times a week! The surf was amazing!!

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Saint Gilles Les Bains, Réunion

Hôtel Le Récif Saint Gilles Les Bains

Cascade Niagara - Ile de la Réunion | Flickr : partage de photos !

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reunion island | ... was going i would tell them reunion island and they would reply

Shaan's - Work, Exchange, and Travels: Map of La Reunion

Bassin des Aigrettes - Isle de La Reunion, Etang, France

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Cascade Quinquina, à l’île de La Réunion

WillGoTo : Réunion, Photos de Cascades d'eau

Les plaines bellouve - Reunion Island

Serge Gélabert - Les plaines

Cascade des Cormorans | Flickr : partage de photos !

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Route du littoral - Reunion Island

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Grotte Langevin By Réunion Underwater

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