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10 at-home barre workouts that burn fat

If you're trying to burn calories and lose fat while also sculpting your body, give one of these at-home barre workouts that burn fat a try! Barre exercises include postures from ballet, yoga, and pilates, and while the moves are slight, they go a long way in strengthening your muscles for a lean, toned look. You don't have to be a dancer or ballerina to enjoy these workouts, and if you don't have a ballet bar kicking around your living room (HA!), you can use a chair or table top instead.

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Perk Without the Bulk: 4 Butt-Defining Moves Celebs Swear By

Butt-Defining Moves Celebs Swear By. Here's Tracy Anderson demonstrating Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite exercise!

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