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My name's Frieda. People think that I'm a rebel, but I have not truly chosen a side in this war (yet). I am very weary of people. I don't know who to trust most of the time. Which is why I do not have any friends. What is my favorite thing to do, you ask? Fighting! of course. I have many very expensive swords,battle axes,daggers,knives,maces, well, I think you get the point. I specialize in weapons and armor. I help my dad make them. My 2 fav thing to do is helping people. Well, See ya.

haco11: “ Tea Party https://twitter.com/o10fu/status/817673073356718080 ”

Adoptable Dress *CLOSED* by Springscent on DeviantArt

Sooooo CUUTTTTEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fairy tail <---watch this anime show right now!

tokyo ghoul kuro and shiro - Tìm với Google Más

Tokyo Ghoul

Blagues & Co - (page 19) - Genshoku Mangas

La même chose quand je regarde un anime posé dans ma chambre et que ma mère vient gentillement me voir pour rien

Shingeki no Kyojin Levi

Non non, je vous jure, cette blague est drôle !