Litha Creations - Himmeli / Mobiles

Sacred geometric mobiles made by using ancient straw mobiles technique, original source of inspiration is Latvian Puzurs or Finish Himmeli, today this tradition is still plays important role in Ukrainian and Polish homes as Christmas Feast tradition.
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All Life Elements, Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids 3D Himmeli Hanging Brass Mobile Home Decor

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Flower of Life 3D by Nassim Haramein, Sacred Geometric Himmeli Hanging Brass, Silver or Golden plated Mobile Home Decor

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Fruit of Life 3D Himmeli Home Decor Sacred Geometry Pendant

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HEART BELL Himmeli Hanging Mobile Brass Home Decor, 3D Chestahedron by Frank Chester

Fractal Sierpinski Pyramid 3D FAMILY Himmeli Hanging Brass Mobile Home Decor

Heart STAR or Starting Point Himmeli, Hanging Mobile Brass Sacred Geometry Home Decor

EGG OF LIFE, Merkaba, Tetrahedron Star of David 3 D Himmeli, Hanging Brass Home Decor

STARTING POINT Himmeli Hanging Mobile Brass, 3D Vector Equilibrium

Small Merkaba Himmeli, 3D Sacred Geometry Pendant

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