Une mangeoire à peu de frais. Graines protégées de la pluie, de la neige, etc.
nichoir et théière ou arrosoir
niche d'oiseau avec un pot de fleur
Pot bird house. Simple. Cool. #mywatergallery
idées pour faire une maison pour oiseaux

Encore plus d'idées
There are some amazingly creative minds out there especially when it comes to repurposing and upcycling. Even though I am huge on recycling, I admit that I probably wouldn't have thought of many of...
Home sweet boot!  Amazingly, someone is selling this birdhouse! The description they provide="Constructed using recycled aluminum sheeting, reclaimed fence wood and an old hiking boot, this unique, upcycled birdhouse by 'In Envy Designs' is sure to make the birds rave and your neighbors do a doubletake."  Now.. I kinda think this would be pretty easy to do myself. What do you think?
Bad-ass points for the bottle found as litter and getting the spoons from a thrift store.
Dump A Day Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 28 Pics
Birdhouse apartments using clay flower pots and brackets from Vintage Woodworks        Photo 18
Great idea to re-purpose old tea pot.  I love to find things to do with odd stuff!
Bird house from pots and saucers
Old drawer, teapot and string = bird house
Very cute :)teapot birdhouse mounted on 2x4's.  glue the pot top to the board and put bird seed in it
images of clay pot windchimes | DIY Flowerpot bird feeder ~ site also has how to make wine bottle ...