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JuraParc - 1 Hour from the house The JuraParc is halfway between Vallorbe and the Vallée de Joux. It is overlooked by the majestic Dent de Vaulion, a natural chamois paradise. An access trail leads you to an observation path, from which you can see American bison, bears and wolves. The visit is made complete by the various pieces of information you are given about the animals. An alpine chalet houses a restaurant where you can even taste the bison meat!



Geneva Natural History Museum - Switzerland Tourism


Geneva Natural History Museum

Servion Zoo - 50 Mins from the house All your children's favourite animals can be found in comfortable surroundings at this zoo: from Siberian tigers, bears and lions to pumas! You will not find giraffes or elephants here, but porcupines, bisons, Corsican mouflons, Tibetan goats, antelopes and monkeys are in plentiful supply (the monkeys even have their own building). There is a picnic area and a restaurant with three children's menus and a terrace, from which parents can keep an eye on…


Servion Zoo

Alpine Club of Gex (CAF)

Club Alpin du Pays de Gex

:: Chemin de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby ::

Chemin de fer musée Blonay-Chamby


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Grande Cariçaie 50 mins Conservatory

Grande Cariçaie and Nature Conservation Center Champ-Pittet

La Garenne Zoo - 40 Mins from the house There are foxes, lynxes, wolves and small birds of prey. This zoo was the first to display a small black vulture, raised in captivity by its parents. Many 'fragile' species (vultures, owls, eagle owls, black kites) have also been bred here. In addition to the 180 species of animal found in the zoo, there are beautiful rock gardens, flowers and aquariums for visitors to enjoy. There is a self-service restaurant.

La Garenne Zoo

Lausanne Vivarium - 40 mins from the house Did you know that Lausanne boasts one of Europe's largest living reptile collections open to the public? The Lausanne Vivarium is located close to the Sauvabelin wood and gives visitors an opportunity to discover the diversity of reptiles and their secret life, their little-known habits and relatively unknown strange beauty. You can observe over a hundred different species from all over the world. The vivarium houses snakes, lizards, crocodiles…

Lausanne Vivarium

2 hours from the house