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Maya Vessel, Howler Monkeys, mother and child, with mother holding cacao pod, Peten-Yucatan, 450-700 CE (Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Institute of Art)

Maya and Aztec Chocolate History and Antecedents

Packaging design for Casacao. Not all cacao is created equal! This is the motto of Casacao, the manufacturer of high quality natural cacao products. Their goal is catering to health-conscious consumers around the world, as well as supporting local farmers and communities in the process. The logo and the packaging needed to reflect the natural aspect of the product and to convey the message.

Casacao | Liquid Pixel Studio

When first taken to Europe by the Spanish in the sixteenth century, it quickly became the favored drink of the aristocracy and was wildly expensive. To meet demand, the Spanish enslaved whole populations of Native Central Americans to grow it.

C. Bollman Cocoa Tree 1897 - still life quick heart

Theobroma cacao (région de Sambirano, Madagascar) | Lot | Sotheby's

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cocoa beans drawing - Google Search

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German Tradecard - Dutch Children

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Mags Fielden

Buchdruck ca. 1900.-

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Chocolate, Luna A vintage Italian art advertising poster. This was an ad for a chocolate coffee type beverage in Italy, ' Chocolate Amatller' . It features a woman sitting at a cafe table and says that the drink ' marks the moom'.*

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