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Thrash Metal Black'N'Roll old school dirty DIY 80s riffs


Rock 'n Roll Hellpatrol, by INTÖXICATED

Thrash Black 80s old school speed DIY


The Manifestation of Evil EP, by Hellripper

Thrash Heavy Metal Hardcore Punk Crossover melodic solos

Negative Self, by Negative Self

Thrash Metal Crossover heavy modern riffs groove

Helsinki Savagery, by Foreseen HKI

Thrash Metal melodic technical 80s old school

Tenses Collide, by Eruption

Thrash Heavy Metal old school 80s speed heavy riffs


Thrash Metal 80s Old School riffs solos

Behind My Mask (Remaster), by Poltergeist

Tharsh Metal Heavy melodic traditional 80s modern sound

Overdrive, by Running Death

Heavy Speed Thrash Punk Crossover Hardcore D-beat 80s DIY dirty

Motor, by MOTOR

Thrash Death Metal crust riffs heavy

Experiment Of Existence, by Ripper