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Heavy Speed Power metal Old School 70s 80s NWOBHM melodic riffs


Starlight Warriors, by Starlight

Heavy Doom Metal classic old school epic riffs groove NWOBHM 80s Grand Magus


Crack The Earth, by Ice Howl

Heavy Metal NWOBHM 80s 70s old school epic melodic


The Missions Of Heracles, by Skullwinx

Heavy Metal 80s NWOBHM melodic old school


Another Night, by High Spirits

Heavy Metal melodic epic riffs solos high pitched voice classic old school 80s NWOBHM

Burn them to the ground, by Fyrecross

Heavy Power Metal melodic heavy epic riffs solos shred modern

Fiend of Possession, by Edge of Attack

Heavy Metal Speed traditional Old School NWOBHM 80s epic riffs

Death is Hanging..., by Demon Bitch

Heavy Metal Speed riffs 80s old school

Powerdose, by Speedtrap

Heavy Metal Hard Rock NWOBHM 70s 80s DIY amateur

Wild Temple, by Hornado

Heavy Metal 70s NWOBHM DIY old school melodic riffs

Demo 2014 Support Vinyl, by Demon Head