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Flexibility Exercises

Stretch your entire body with this set of flexibility exercises. A static stretching routine to improve joint range of motion and stretch muscles and tendons.

10-minute Butt Firming Home Printable Workout for Women – Visit to download as printable PDF! #customworkout

High Knees

High knees: Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Without changing your posture, raise your left knee as high as you can and step forward. Repeat with your right leg. Continue to alternate back and forth. I can do 86 in 50 seconds. How many can you do?

How to do the Mountain Climber exercise. So I know what I'm doing during some of those "First Thing In The Morning" 15 minute work outs! :-)

Butterfly Sit-Up

Butterfly Sit-Up (skinny mom)

Crunch inside pass: knees bent

Crunch inside pass: legs straight

Amazing Arms in 10!

Amazing Arms in 10! •

Amazing Arms in 10!

Voici un programme de 20 minutes à faire à la maison, qui cible le fessier afin de le raffermir et de développer ce fameux rebondi.

Circuit ciblé pour un dos musclé à faire à la maison, à télécharger gratuitement ici. Il renforce cette partie du corps et évite les maux de dos récurrents.