Bookshelves inspired by Moroccan mosaics / Younes Duret
Bookshelves inspired by Moroccan mosaics / Younes Duret
Banc en gabion exterieur                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus
outdoor bowling
Un claustra sur-mesure  Photo : Lisa Keome
architecture, hanging staircase

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The ideal way to block an unnecessary doorway. Creates a display that becomes a fabulous focal point.
Mẫu thiết kế giá sách gỗ đẹp độc đáo
outdoor checkers board
10 Spectacular Space-saving Spiral Stairs Designs
Suspended Staircase Floats Above Oslo Apartment
Staircase railing/ bookshelves
Cloison bibliothèque dans l'escalier
If you prefer to think outside the box, then this library, with its unique shelving design, could be for you
Like a sculpture, the monumental staircase designed by Arnaud Lacoste, is placed in the center of the main room. Composed of wood and metal consoles, he plays the separations between the kitchen-dining room and living room.
escalier moderne pour bien aménager chez soi