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Citroen 2cv Sahara 4x4

Citroen 2cv F355 :)

2cv sahara

Citroen Mehari Blanc Turquoise Bleu Vert Jaune Rouge Beige Pre serie Deauville 1968 ikonoto blueprint poster.jpg (747×2259)

It's absurd. I can't even drive but looking at pictures of deux chevaux never fails to put a smile on my face. There's something chic, profoundly homely and optimistic about them. Our very first new car was a Dyane. As I recall, back then -- this must have been the early-80s -- only the Dyane was then being imported into the UK, so if you wanted a new Citroen of this type it had to be the Dyane.

Citroën 2CV pick-up

Acabados de sair do forno • Citroen 2CV car carrier

citroen 2cv à Buenos Aires