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Tour de France Promotional Caravan

The idea of the "official" mobile advertising in the Tour de France was born in 1929 to finance the costs of the race. In the 1950's and 1960's, a number of firms built specialized vehicles to be run in the Tour de France publicity caravan that rolls though France ahead of the peloton. Since the three-week event routinely attracted over 10 million spectators, it was an ideal venue for advertisers to reach a broad audience. This practice continues today.
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S.E.V Marchal Promotional Vehicle


Grand Mere Tour de France Promotional vehicle


Peugeot J7 Castle special


Xtra laundry detergent


Pelforth in the 1969 Tour de France caravan


Vittel Tour de France

Vittel Tour de France 2011

Vittel Tour de France

Vehicles from the 2014 Tour de France Publicity Caravan

Tour de France publicitycaravan