Francesca Gambaro

Francesca Gambaro

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Broche de feutre "Mack" - Maîtres juste - à la main, fait main

Come fare il nodo scorrevole

Although it looks like a distorted picture, this is a real building in Paris! A trifle too weird for me...but interesting.

Perfume Bottles, ca 1900,

This beautiful and substantial Renaissance diamond ring bears much of its original enamel in red, green, and blue. The rectangular box bezel holds a large rose cut stone that literally sparkles. Especially on the shoulders, the virtuoso Renaissance goldsmith work is technically quite skillful. Already in the 15th century diamonds were associated with betrothal and marriage. Italy?, c. 1600

The Prophets. 16th.century. Girolamo Lombardo. Italian. 1506-1590.

The Prophets. 16th.century. Girolamo Lombardo.... - QUEST FOR BEAUTY