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Ateliers progressifs découpage Montessori


Q-Tips and Straws - Fine Motor Skills Activity

Q-Tips and Straws Fine Motor Skills Activity - A great way to help little hands strengthen fine motor skills and work on colors at the same time.


DIY zipper board for kids

DIY zipper board for kids. Great for fine motor and sensory development.


une année d'ateliers autonomes en MS dessinemoiunenhistoire OK

Quiet Time Activity for Preschoolers: Fall Button Trees

These quiet time activities for preschoolers are perfect for kids who no longer nap. Full of learning ideas and quiet play ideas kids can do independently.

facile et pas cher pour un atelier qui peut occuper et bien faire travailler les petites mains

It's a great way to teach preschoolers Button snake.. the complex practical life skill of buttoning and unbuttoning while having a whiz bang of a time. and other montessori ideas..

Montessori Monday - Christmas Gingerbread Man Fine-Motor Activity or Craft

Simple-to-prepare Montessori-inspired gingerbread man practical life activity or craft

Fine Motor Friday- Lock and Key Fine Motor Tray

Montessori activity

„Und rein in die Schnute!“

Feeding monster tennis balls. Motor skills! Montessori