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The Dawn/Vinegar solution removed soap scum so well I decided to try it on our nasty drip pans. Works better than anything else I've ever tried! Here's what I did. Fill sink with 1/2 cup Dawn Soap, 2 cups boiling vinegar, 8 cups boiling water and the rest just hot water from faucet. Soak for 30+ minutes. Scrub away the nasty!

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Clean Drip Pans With No Effort

Yeah…. Those filthy drip pans are mine. The oven is just the last thing on my mind to clean but, well, let’s just say it got to that point. I needed a method with little effort though because I hate cleaning, and this, I’m pleased to say, was definitely it! SUPPLIES: Vinegar Baking soda Scrubber … Continue reading "Clean Drip Pans With No Effort"


Nettoyage du réfrigérateur - Avec un peu de planification et d'organisation, le nettoyage de votre réfrigérateur et congélateur n'est pas nécessairement une t�che difficile.


How to #clean drip pans #naturally and without all of those scary chemicals. Quick and easy method.

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Cleaning Those Nasty Stove Burners!

It's about time I clean my burner pans again! I just love this method, I hardly have to scrub at all :-)

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Drip Pan and Burner Cleaning Using Household Ammonia

One of my pet peeves is seeing my grungy burner drip pans and knowing I have to make a trip to the store and shell out $14 for four drip pans.  I first clean them the best way I can…Read more →

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GRILLA Poêle à griller - IKEA