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Yield Traduction

à partir de Morning by Foley

DIY – Une bague de dentelle

Bague en dentelle avec du durcisseur textile (doit marcher avec du vernis colle), à décliner en tissus divers et variés - DIY


Name: Jera: | Translation: Year, HarvestPronunciation | yare-aweZodiac Sign: | Sagittarius and CapricornHealing: | Change a state to the opposite. Magical Uses: | to bring change; for fertility and growth. The Rune Poem: Verse XII Jera Harvest is the hope of men, then the gods, Heaven’s holy Kings, Allows the earth to yield To prince and pauper, glorious fruits.

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Pan De Higo: A Perfect Match for Figgy Pudding

It smelled like Christmas: fragrant figs being mixed with holiday spices, nuts and sweet sherry. Inside his parents’ kitchen, Sean Aucutt was up to his elbows in a mixing bowl filled with sticky batter, while his mom and dad, Mary K and Tom, heated up honey, uncorked sherry and retrieved handpicked grape leaves. These combined efforts and ingredients would soon yield a festive family tradition: Pan de Higo. Literally translated it means “bread of figs,” but it’s more commonly known as…

“In clinical practice, the higher colonoscopy yield with knowledge of a positive Cologuard result could translate into more true-positive and fewer false-negative stool results than estimated from blinded preapproval studies.”

Brigid Collins: "Yield" A one-off Artist's Book, incorporating a found 'book' form, lens tissue, sandpaper, leaves, typewritten text, silver leaf, linen thread and text from the "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tsu (translated by Gia- Fu Feng and Jane English). (Vintage edition).

à partir de The Iron You

Cauliflower Crust Calzone

Cauliflower Crust Calzone Bon, même si c'était pas tout à fait comme sur la recette. (Je suis dispo pour traduction si besoin)


Bees do the 'Waggle dance,' a term used in beekeeping for a figure-eight dance of the honey bee -- a way of communicating with fellow bees about the direction and distance to flower patches yielding nectar and pollen, water sources, and new hive locations...


Part 9 of Sophie's Universe CAL 2015. This crochet-along is a 20-week project with step-by-step photos, video tutorials, and translations. #lookatwhatimade #sophiesuniversecal2015 #learntocrochet