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Yann LeCun, explorateur des neurones artificiels

Directeur de la recherche en intelligence artificielle chez Facebook, Yann LeCun participe au premier Sommet des start-up, organisé par Challenges avec Sciences et Avenir ce 6


MNIST handwritten digit database, Yann LeCun, Corinna Cortes and Chris Burges - Data science : fondamentaux et études de cas : Machine learning avec Python et R - Eric Biernat, Michel Lutz, Yann LeCun - Livres

Yann LeCun : « L'intelligence artificielle reste un défi scientifique » exdb publis pdf lecun-01a.pdf

Facebook wants to teach you all about how AI works Read more Technology News Here --> Pay attention everyone: Facebook is trying to teach you something. Since you probably let the social network distract you from just about every other educational opportunity that comes your way you should at least learn a bit now. SEE ALSO: Facebook to roomful of journalists: 'We hear you' It's all about artificial intelligence. The already pervasive tech according to…

Very interesting interview of Yann LeCun! #DeepLearning #ArtificialIntelligence …


Facebook’s advice to students interested in artificial intelligence

Math. Math. Oh and perhaps some more math. That's the gist of the advice to students interested in AI from Facebook's Yann LeCun and Joaquin Quiñonero..


‘Deep Learning’ Will Soon Give Us Super-Smart Robots

‘Deep Learning’ Will Soon Give Us Super-Smart Robots - YANN LECUN IS among those bringing a new level of artificial intelligence to popular internet services from the likes of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. As the head of AI research at Facebook, LeCun oversees the creation of vast “neural networks” that can recognize photos and respond to everyday human language. And similar work is driving speech recognition on Google’s Android phones, instant language translation on Microsoft’s Skype…


Facebook artificial intelligence chief developed SURVEILLANCE systems

Facebook’s artificial intelligence chief worked on the development of systems which could one day help computers automatically spy on humans, The Sun Online has learned. Yann LeCun, leader of…