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Aragorn, fils d'Arathorn... Le plus beau, le plus modeste, le plus fort et surtout le plus royal ! >>> Pinning for the beautiful French comment.

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bras croisés

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Viggo Mortensen Aragon will always have a piece of my heart. He is just beautiful really.

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Viggo Mortensen....Aragorn, he's also an artist, a poet and an amazing ninja-stunt dude! he did almost all, if not all, his own stunts in LOTR :D

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Le portrait en noir & blanc de Viggo Mortensen

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SELF PORTRAIT by VIGGO MORTENSEN, simply love this man.

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Awww, Viggo Mortensen keeping a dog warm...

There'll be a day when I don't love viggo mortensen,...just kidding. There won't be.

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