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Victor Fabius

Saint Maximilian of Tebessa (274-295) Born the son of Fabius Victor, a soldier in the Roman army, Maximilian was obliged to enlist at the age of 21. On 12 March, 295 AD, at the City of ...(Read the rest of his story here:)


St. Peter Regulatus: (1390 – 1456) He was born at Valladolid, Spain, to a noble family, and entered the Franciscan Order at the age of thirteen. After several years, he transferred to a far more austere monastery at Tribulos, where he became known for his severe asceticism as well as his ...

October 21 is the Feast of: St. Ursula Because of the lack of definite information about the anonymous group of holy virgins who on some uncertain date were killed at Cologne, their commemoration was omitted from the General Roman Calendar when it ...(See the rest of the story here:)


St John Plessington (c. 1637 – 1679) Born at Dimples Hall, Garstang, Lancashire, England, the son of a Royalist Roman Catholic, his family was persecuted for both ...(Read the rest of the story here:)

Feast of Sts. Eulalia and Julia of Meridia: Eulalia was a devout Christian virgin, aged 12–14, whose mother sequestered her in the countryside in AD 304 because all citizens were required to avow faith in the Roman gods. Eulalia ran away to the law ...(Read the rest of their stories here:)

October 6th is the Feast of: Mary Frances of the Five Wounds, T.O.S.F. (1715–1791) She was born Anna Maria Gallo, in the Spanish Quarter of Naples, a red-light district of the city, still known for its high crime. According to tradition, another saint, the Jesuit, Francis de Geronimo, predicted her future ...(See the rest of her story here:)

Feast of St. Cecilia (2nd Century AD) St.Cecilia is one of the most famous of the Roman martyrs, even if the familiar stories about her are apparently not founded on authentic ...(Read the rest of her story here:)

October 30 is the Feast of: Saint Alphonsus Rodríguez, S.J. (1532 –1617) Rodríguez was the son of a wool merchant. When he was 14, his father died and Alphonsus left school to help his mother run the family business. At the age of 26 he married and had three children. At the age of 31 he ...(See the rest of the story here:)

Saint Rose of Lima, T.O.S.D. (1586 – 1617) She was born Isabel Flores y de Oliva in the city of Lima, then in the Viceroyalty of Peru. Her later nickname "Rose" comes from an incident in ...(Read the rest of the story here:)

September 5th is the Feast of: St. Mother Teresa (1910 – 1997) She was born in Skopje (modern Republic of Macedonia), then part of the Kosovo Vilayet in the Ottoman Empire. After having lived in Macedonia for eighteen years, she moved to Ireland and then to India, where she lived for most of her life. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic ...(See the rest of her story here:)