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Tags: Anime, Bandana, Cigarette, Smoking, ONE PIECE, Sanji, Roronoa Zoro

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Alucard - sexiest vampire ever, together with Johnny Rayflo from Vassalord. He's also a complete psycho, so I don't really envy Integra for her pet.

Vassalord rayflo

86 ||| Vassalord Fan Art

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Vassalord Cosplay. Johnny Rayflo.

Vassalord Manga - Read Vassalord Online at Volumes 1&2 at the library.

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Vassalord 15 - Page 42

Vassalord Cosplay. Charles and Johnny.

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camillekaze: In which Vampire!Sherlock is under the command of Vampire!Moriarty and Sherlock behaves…like Sherlock. And that always leads to trouble. This is slightly inspired by a manga I read ages ago called Vassalord, but going back now I can’t seem to find the exact scene where this happened. So maybe it was a dream or some spooky vampire stuff went down. that’s a vertebra btw its hard to tell sorry