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Vaisseau Fantome

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The USS Salem has been transformed into a world-class scary attraction. It’s an opportunity to haunt the masses that some of the vessel’s ghosts have been waiting more than a lifetime for.

The Mary Celeste (often misreported as Marie Celeste), also known as the Ghost Ship, was an American registered two-mastered sailing vessel which...

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These Ikea Halloween Decorations Are Frightfully Cheap

15 Under-$25 Ikea Buys To Make Your House Spooky As Hell #refinery29 A ghostly vessel for a gothic bouquet.Ikea Svärtan Decorative Bottle, $14.99, available at Ikea....

Folded Vessel by Good Thing | Goods | The Ghostly Store

In this #penandink #drawing by Lucas Stenberg (@stiglucasstenberg) a ghostly airship stalks the night sky under the glow of a full moon. Or perhaps the flying ship is just moored amongst the clouds for the night? I suppose the latter is more accurate considering the furled sails and released anchor... but I always default to "ghost" or "pirate" when describing a ship sailing at night so that's what my Personal Internal Narrative Engine came up with. Really great stippling work on the moons…

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Black Pearl

The Black Pearl was an infamous pirate ship, originally a merchant vessel named Wicked Wench. With sails as dark as a moonless night, and a hull painted to match, this legendary ship of the seven seas was every inch a pirate vessel. Built for action, this ghost ship could outsail any other sailing vessels. The Black Pearl was most notably captained by Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa. Command was first given to Jack Sparrow who fulfilled many contracts for the East India Trading Company…

Begas ~ Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient (1804-1860) Cantatrice Allemande. Se produisant à Paris en 1829 et 1830, ses interprétations dans Oberon et Euryanthe de Weber, Fidelio de Beethoven, et Don Giovanni de Mozart, soulevent l'enthousiasme du public. Elle fait l'admiration de Richard Wagner qui écrit pour elle le rôle travesti d'Adriano dans Rienzi, celui de Senta dans le Vaisseau fantôme et celui de Venus dans Tannhaüser

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Un internaute pense avoir filmé un bateau fantôme

Jack Sparrow a-t-il fait escale sur le Lac Supérieur ? En tout cas, cet internaute a cru filmer un vaisseau fantôme au bord du lac Supérieur aux États-Unis.