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High School Girls In Tuxedos Are Not A Sign Of The Apocalypse

What can people do for clothing after the apocalypse? - Quora
Well, now it looks as though we’re getting a little clearer picture as to why Rob Bell has become so chummy with his fellow apostate Oprah Winfrey; it seems Bell is going to have how own show on Oprah’s OWN network.   Surely a sign of the Apocalypse.....maybe after one of those seals is cracked open??
So Cold ! - À moins que vous ne viviez sous un rocher, vous savez que ce week-end à New York, on a eu droit à une chouette tempête de neige.  On était tous terrorisés car, après Sandy, on anticipait l'apocalypse - ce qui, pour les gens de la vraie vie, veut dire faire des provisions (Il paraît qu'au...

So Cold !

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To Flee or Not To Flee……That is the Question Part 1 The following is Part 1(of 7) in a series of guest posts that will be running over the next week or so.