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Wine tasting is incredibly subjective. Everyone tastes things differently. Tasting notes on the back of a bottle are merely suggestions (so don't worry if you don't taste any of them, you're not wrong!). A useful tool often used by Sommeliers and Winemakers to identify particular aromas flavors, is a Wine Aroma Wheel. When trying to identify flavors and aromas first separate what you are tasting into categories, ie. fruits, herbs, spice, and then try to identify from there what you are…


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A AUBENAS COURS D’OENOLOGIE Animés par Caroline Chetreanu - Sommelière Conseil en Vin Diplômée de l’Université du Vin de Suze-La-Rousse Particuliers, Professionnels, Associations, Clubs, Comités d’Entreprise, des Fêtes... ... ENVIE DE VOUS FAMILIARISER...