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Ultrasound sensors dig deeper into your fingerprints and fat

An ultrasonic fingerprint sensor measures a 3-D image of the finger’s surface and the underlying tissue. Photo by Dave Horsley


Avon Anew CLINICAL ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream 1.fl.oz./30ml by Avon. $16.95. Our most effective lifting treatment ever is form. How Triple Sonic Technology works: Exclusive ultrasonic stressed yeast and other natural extracts combine to help tighten the connections between skin\'s layers. Also formulated with hydrolyzed plant protein and other natural tightening agents to form a 3-D matrix on your skin. Together, these potent ingredients fuse to help provide a liftin...


It's now possible to generate 3-D acoustic holograms that can manipulate one or more objects — controlling their orientation as well as their position. According to the researchers, acoustic tractor beams “could be applied directly onto the skin with the manipulation taking place inside the body; similar to an ultrasound scanner but for manipulating particles (that is, drug capsules, kidney stones or micro-surgical instruments).” Or, they could be used to create "tangible displays."


Eyelash Gold-Accent Makeup Bag

Beauty Fashion Ultrasonic Pulsation Anti-Aging Cleansing Brush | zulily . $24.99 $99.00 One size Product Description: This ultrasonic cleansing brush features six speed settings to deeply clean, smooth and brighten skin. 3'' W x 4'' H x 3'' D Six speed settings Silicone Made in the USA


Smart Watch Sonar Shows New Way to Use Wearable Gadgets

Chirp for Smart Watches | Ultrasonic sensors for wearable tech


3D Printable

Ultrasonic Misting 3D Print Vapor Polisher style

3D-printed cast uses ultrasound to speed healing - Crave

15 Fashion Exhibits You Need to See in 2016

The Costume Institute’s spring show unpacks designs by Dior, Maison Margiela, and Givenchy, from the modest beginnings of the sewing machine to today’s 3-D printing and ultrasonic welding. Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.C.

Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier

Stadler Form,140 00,Anton Ultrasonic,Ultrasonic Humidifier,Usa Anton,Form Anton,Form Usa,Ft 140,18W 1

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