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École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA)

Le programme POSTDIGITAL analyse les conséquences de l’omniprésence des technologies numériques dans les pratiques artistiques contemporaines. En collaboration avec l'ENSBA Paris (pôle numérique), l’ENS Ulm sollicite ses départements littéraires et scientifiques pour appréhender ces questions sur le plan théorique, historique et pratique.

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Une voiture volante française présentée au salon Eurosatory

Vaylon Pégase : la 1ère voiture volante ? >


Cessna 172---FREEDOM---There is no greater joy than being alone in a flying machine, guiding it through the night, dependent on no one else to bring it safely back to earth. It leaves you totally free. Anonymous Pilot


Two of my favorite things . . . my precious granddaughter Hailey and my new Mosquito ultralight helicopter "Apache".


Shark Aero (Hlboké, Slovak Republic) single-seat prototype ultralight aircraft (ULA), the Shark UL


Dieter Rams, Braun D 45 Slide Projector, 1960


Estate planning is thought of as a financial endeavor, and you do have to facilitate asset transfers when you plan your estate. At the same time, there are some other things to take into consideration, and guardianship is one of them. When you think about the concept of guardianship, dependent children may come to mind. This is one type of guardianship that should be addressed. Many young adults are unprepared from an estate planning perspective,

Big Data will completely change the need for surveying consumers; soon enough, marketers will be capturing all the information they need on their own, and the answers to business questions will fall like raindrops from the proverbial data cloud.


. ESTA headquarters in Senden, Neu-Ulm, Germany General planner: GERKEN ARCHITEKTEN Architectural consultation: PROF. DR.-ING. ARCHITEKT BRAUN Structural Engineers: TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Photography: PATRICK BEUCHERT #Esta #Senden #Ulm #Office #Headquarters #Facade #Sunscreen #GBT #Lehrstuhl #Chair #Gebäudetechnologie #Building #Technologies #RWTH #Aachen #University #Braun #Associates #Architecture #Architektur #Building #Design #Lookingup #Style #Archidaily #Research #Design…