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Food factor épisode 3 : Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Ou le piment le plus fort du monde

Top 10 des piments les plus forts du monde, tellement fort que ça en devient débile

Attention ! Ca pique fort ! Top 10 des piments les plus forts du monde.


Quel est le piment le plus fort du monde (Trinidad Moruga Scorpion)


I've ordered this sauce barbecue made of trinidad moruga scorpion, the hottest pepper in the world (2 000 000 SHU) for a BBQ with friends on sept. the 15th. A shame I can't taste it, by (real) doctor's orders... I'm sure Poulpy, Tris and Tom will enjoy it...and my wife has priomised to bake one of her Three Milks Cake as a desert, some say milk soothes this kind of pain :)


Blueberry Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppersauce Recipe (Moruga Scorpion hot sauce). |


trinidad moruga scorpion pepper sauce


the world's hottest pepper...trinidad moruga scorpion pepper

trinidad moruga scorpion pepper sauce (6)


Ghost Pepper Jelly

CAUTION! You thought my Recipe #68981 was hot try this! Make in well ventilated room with gloves. Naga jolokia is a chili pepper the hottest in the world. (Was the hottest till they found the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend (Moruga Scorpion)) . Mine were orange when I picked them so I opted for orange bells. If you get red ones do use red bell peppers. If you cant find the ghost chilis just use 12 habaneros or if you dare try the Scorpion!


his chart shows the Sandia Seed Company peppers listed by scoville heat units. The superhot peppers at the bottom of the list have similar levels of extreme heat, and any one of them could be the hottest pepper this season. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has consistently been the hottest from our trials. See for yourself!