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Chignon torsadé: torsades de deux brins de chaque côté de la tête, reliées ensemble avec un élastique. le reste de la chevelure est divisé en deux torsades, relevées et attachées pour former un chignon.


SEED PEARL, EMERALD AND DIAMOND NECKLACE, ALEXANDRE REZA Designed as a torsade of eight strands of seed pearls, decorated at the centre with a carved melon-shaped emerald bead weighing 42.30 carats, surmounted by brilliant-cut, marquise- and heart-shaped diamonds and two cabochon emeralds, mounted in yellow gold, length approximately 425mm, unsigned, French assay and maker's marks.


these types of necklaces are called torsades. big chunky necklaces made from lots of strands and usually a pearl strand or two. cute. this company will make them for you if you call / email them.

Token with a love scene. circa 2400-2200 BC. Southeast Iran. Probably an ornament, even if its real destination is still unknown, this precious little token made of lapis lazuli takes the form of a thick disc, pierced through the side, and has a carved relief on both faces. The edge is decorated with two torsades with three strands at each end of the hole, where the remains of a heavily corroded copper thread or wire are visible.


Jean Grand BOGGIO pendant "Jungle" It is rectangular decorated with tropical vegetation entirely set with emeralds, brilliant-cut diamonds, tsavorite garnets and. Applique flowers multicolored tourmalines fluted. The back of the pendant is re-written the same decor. Neck due to a twist of twenty ranks aquamarines Faceted balls. Silver mount.


- 18 Karat Gold, Platinum, Coral and Diamond Torsade Bracelet and Necklace Combination, Schlumberger, France, Circa 1960


rose bun - You need to be able to make a two-strand rope braid. This style is so simple! You just wrap a rope braid into a bun. You can also do two rope braids and wrap one into a bun one way, then wrap the other around it in the other direction