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END Kristen Lindsey's Vet career now. A killer of animals has no business being a vet. Shame on her!

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Yuko Shimizu illustration. TORO Magazine sex column (TORO Magazine Canada), 2006-2007


TORO - Pelle électrique souffleuse à neige...


Petition · Maple Lodge Farms: Dites à Maple Lodge Farms de cesser de torturer des animaux ·

Fox Theatre the longest running cinema in Canada. by Toro500px

Just imagine if Monsef was a Conservative | GUNTER | Columnists | Opinion | Toro

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Zona Arqueológica de Tulum

Despite the opening of hot, gourmet restaurants and an increasing number of beach-chic boutiques, Tulum remains unchanged. And that’s just fine. I love Tulum for the lack of crowds, the massive, clean white beach and super warm ocean water. I love the variety of amazing, low-key restaurants and amazing selection of yoga classes. But Tulum may not be for everyone. If you’re thinking about traveling to Tulum, especially with kids, read on to discover if Tulum is right for you.


Halifax-born Samuel Cunard changed ocean travel forever | Canada | Travel | Toro