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Tom Odell

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Tom Odell (@tompeterodell) | Twitter

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Penguins and Tom ~ two of my favourite things!

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tom odell aka babe. There's something about that hair

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Tom Odell // Seriously guys, if you haven't listened to him yet you need to go YouTube him RIGHT NOW. Listen to 'Another Love' or 'Hold Me' or basically any/all of his songs.. He's beyond amazing. I'm not over exaggerating.

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Tom Odell. This handsome young man played my socks off at Rockefeller in Oslo last night.

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Tom Odell - Heal

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When I'm playing the piano | singing out of tune | The person I picture in my head has always been you | But these days are different | you're with some other guy | Stubbornly I still write every word as if you're still mine.

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Tom Odell Updates (@tomodellupdated) | Twitter

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I have a thing......

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