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Big well done to all 11 for completing the Heartstart Thatcham course today at the Thatcham Town Council offices. More potential life savers and more coming when we visit Newbury next week!


4 bedroom cottage for sale in Chapel Street, Town Centre, Thatcham, Berkshire RG18 - 33227564

Heartstart Thatcham awarded a Gold Civic Award by Thatcham Town Council

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UK's OLDEST town revealed: Amesbury dates back more than TEN millenia

Archaeologists at the University of Buckingham believe Amesbury, 40 miles from Stonehenge, is the oldest settlement in Britain not the previously thought Thatcham. They say the new findings dismiss previous theories that the Wiltshire town was conceived by European immigrants - instead, relics uncovered during a painstaking search point to British settlers being behind the settlement, which dates back to more than 10 millennia.


Newbury, the market-town, within Berkshire


When I visited Abingdon, I was fascinated by the originality and antiquity of this town, which is considered one of the oldest in the UK similar to Colchester, Amesbury, Ipswich or Thatcham. Some settlements in present Abingdon-on-Thames have existed since the 4th century BC.