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Comment est construit un test de QI ?

Pour qui veut comprendre comment est construit un #TestDeQI :) ➥ Seul un test #psychométrique passé dans le cadre d'un bilan psychologique complet, auprès d'un psychologue spécialisé, peut valider une hypothèse de #PrécocitéIntellectuelle (Y)

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Not in the mood to practice or study? Here's a technique to try when your inner drive is nowhere to be found.

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SAT/ACT Vocabulary Word Count: 17 I bet you can't read this article WITHOUT feeling itchy?! I know I couldn't. And we're not alone. Itch is contagious! Read more and learn vocabulary words like anterior, contagious, correlation, disfiguring, distressing, empathy, induced, phenomenon, prone, stimuli, temporal, and wince.

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The Ignored Science That Could Help Close the Achievement Gap

In his forthcoming book, Professor Mark Seidenberg attributes America’s sub-par literacy rates to a gulf between the educational and scientific communities.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School highlight the need for mental health clinicians to explore the meaning of physical symptoms and pain

Uno Charter School proposal. Stl Architects.

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This black father fought to get kids in a school gifted program |

The Day We Unschooled

The Day We Unschooled | Tales of a Homeschool Family

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Rare Immune Cell Involved in Multiple Sclerosis A unique type of immune cell may contribute to multiple sclerosis (MS), researchers report. The discovery helps explain the effects of one of the newest experimental therapies for MS and could lead to improved treatments for MS and related disorders.

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Solving Brainstorming's Loudmouth Problem

Solving Brainstorming's Loudmouth Problem - The most dominant person in a group likely won't have the best ideas. So how can you get everyone to be creative?