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Ted Voice Actor

Jennifer Morrison (born: April 12, 1979, Chicago, IL, USA) is an American actress, voice actress, model, and film producer. She is known for her roles as Emma Swan in the ABC adventure fantasy series Once Upon A Time and as Dr. Allison Cameron in House, alongside Hugh Laurie. She also has portrayed Zoey Pierson, one of Ted Mosby's love interests on How I Met Your Mother (season 6) and Winona Kirk, mother of James T. Kirk in Star Trek.


Qui a les plus beaux yeux au monde ?

Sur ses origines Wentworth Miller précise : « Ma mère blanche est à la fois d'origine russe et libanaise. L'une de mes tantes m'a raconté que nous serions reliés à un pirate français, le capitaine Coquet... Mon père est noir, il a du sang anglais, des origines syriennes et libanaises et mon arrière grand mère avait des origines malienne et réunionnaise. ». « Mon père est noir et ma mère est blanche. Ça fait de moi une sorte de cavalier solitaire des races, coincé entre deux cultures ».


Morgan Free­man


Bruce Campbell on

Bruce Campbell as a Winkie Guard in Oz The Great and Powerful --- During the whole movie I kept looking for Bruce and when I finally saw him I didn't realize it was him. I only realized it was him by his voice.


Garth Brooks

funny guy and handsome too


Thunderheart...all about listening to the voices of our ancestors.


Same Voice Actor - Ted Cole

Artist Safwat Saleem grew up with a stutter -- but as an independent animator, he decided to do his own voiceovers to give life to his characters. When YouTube commenters started mocking his Pakistani accent, it crushed him, and his voice began to leave his work. Hear how this TED Fellow reclaimed his voice and confidence in this charming, thoughtful talk.

The Seth MacFarlane School of Productivity

Seth MacFarlane ... love his style! he always looks so comfy yet put together!