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Tableau representant thé gourmand avec des macarons, une religieuse et cupcake

Tableau de gourmandises peint à la main sur toile de lin représentant un gouter gourmand avec sa théière rouge à pois blanc, ses tasses multicolores, des macarons, une religie - 8438449


Egyptian Astrology | Find your #astrological #sign and discover your personal #zodiac star sign here


sacred geometry tattoo - Google Search


Hamsa/Hand of Fatima rep Goddess whose hand wards off evil intent & radiates love as a downward gesture of non-aggressive open-handedness. Early peace sym. Energy of peace prevails in all beings simply b/c the power of the hand radiates the cosmic connect b/t the hand of action & heart of peace. Often above doorways, as necklace, or drawn on possessions. Sends msg of love & protect'n to all beings. On water, it carries the power of peace & sends a msg to lay down arms, open hands, & invite…

angel+fairy+with+rosary | Black Rosary Angel MySpace Layouts, Backgrounds Black Rosary Angel ...


Art is the conversation between lovers. Art is offering, an opening for the heart. True art makes the divine silence in the soul break into applause. -Hafiz Jennifer Michelle Long - Shiva and Shakti