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Forme Princesse Encolure asymétrique Longueur ras du sol Mousseline Robe bal d'étudiant avec Plissé Emperler Sequins Fendue devant (018020706)


Sculpture with Leonardo Da Vinci Style Tattoo.another beautiful tattooed wall sculpture; a nude woman figurine, a torso sculpture from her shoulders to her knees, she holds a small candle in her left hand as she uses her other hand over the top to feel the warmth at a distance. The entire frontal.........

Plate 59: A maid from Danzig carrying water; whole-length figure in frontal view, carrying two buckets suspended from a stick across her shoulders; illustration to Hans Weigel's 'Habitus Praecipuorum Populorum ... das ist Trachtenbuch', 2nd ed., Ulm: Kühn for Görlin, 1639. 1577 Woodcut and letterpress