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valeriane: coelasquid: kidhatekid: hierarchical-aestheticism: A Wolpertinger by Albrecht Dürer (1509) The wolpertinger is a chimeric creature from Bavarian folklore, said to inhabit the alpine forests. This is that thing I talk about like half the time when I get drunk. I just want to appreciate the fact that Albrecht Dürer painted a cute folkloric critter when the rest of the time, he was engraving the Apocalypse or self portrait as Jesus. This Dude must have been interesting to…

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Tatouage d'attrape-rêves sur tout le dos

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résonances - simply-divine-creation: @instaquinnie

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Lantana : une belle vivace arbustive

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Fleurs sauvages de Texas affiche

Tatouage Cheville,Fleurs Sauvages,Botanique,Aquarelle,Dessins,Marque D'Inspiration,Idées D'Inspiration,Tatouage D'Inspiration,Texas

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Head of Poseidon / Antigonos Doson, 227-221 BC. bronze. Greek, 3rd century BC. Identified as Antigonos Doson. 263-221 BC. King of Macedon.

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Poster alternatif - Massacre à la tronçonneuse

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Jorge Mercado 2

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Hellfest 2012 by Antoine Delaporte …

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