Ahhhh, so many shells, so few beach days!

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Giant Shell Nautilus 7" Large Chambered Pompilius Seashell 175mm Clear Stand

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CONCH SHELL | Buy Queen Conch Shell on an Underwater Sandbar in the Florida Keys Now

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Find Horse Conchs on Anna Maria Island, but make sure to put them back where…

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Need a vacation? How about a sunset? www.bombshellbayswimwear.com

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"Just as there is beauty in the light, the shadow hold it's own muted allure and of both shades, there are songs and dances and revelry and sorrow. They are one and the same, different sides of the same coin, a mirror image looking at itself. The only thing that sets them apart, and will continue to divide these two spectrums, is our perception of the 'fact' that one is light and one is shadow.” ― Kensi Brianne Smith

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Queen Helmet Large Shell, Cassis madagascariensis. This species occurs in the tropical Western Atlantic. The specific name "madagascarensis" literally means "of Madagascar", but this was a misunderstanding of the type locality by the original author. Live specimens of this helmet species can occasionally be found about 30 feet out in the ocean. Because they live so far offshore, the best time to find these shells is at low tide after a storm.

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Sitting pretty | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Starfish and Sea Urchins

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