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Celtic Symbol For New Beginnings - This is gonna be my next tattoo.

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You Are Bound To Be Obsessed By These Gorgeous Girl Tattoos

Divorce party invitation - Newly single

I decided on a theme to work around. Martini glasses. Pink.

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Freedom #divorce #party #cake. This is one of my favorite divorce party cakes because it’s elegant, classy and most likely recycles the birdcage card holder from the wedding. It’s too pretty to eat, but I would totally dig in. #trashthedress #divorceparty #birdcage #vintage #classy #elegant #teal #pink

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5 Truly Destructive Behaviors in Relationships

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Frida Kahlo is a renowned Mexican painter, known especially for her striking self-portraits. Kahlo’s paintings defined conventions of beauty and style, making her a voice for feminism around the world. Kahlo’s rocky marriage and divorce, as well as her lifelong struggles with severe health problems, strongly influenced her artistic work. Many paintings convey themes of dualism, as well as physical and psychological wounds.

Do you use camp names? I love camp names, but after a while they begin to repeat. How many "Sunshines" can one camp have?

Monopoly Man | The Powerhouse

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I’m not modeling…

Wrong European Countries

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