Tatouage en cas de catastrophe

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Wolf Hall

Travis est sexy et participe la nuit à des combats clandestins. Il propose à Abby un pari. Si elle gagne, il s'engage à renoncer au sexe pendant un mois. Dans le cas contraire, elle devra s'installer chez lui durant un mois. Mais il ignore qu'Abby est encore bien plus joueuse que lui.

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Aire Moderne

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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

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Five Favorite Films with West Memphis Three's Damien Echols - Page 2 - Rotten Tomatoes

Gundersen: We’re getting reports from Japan of deformed children, troubled pregnancies after Fukushima (AUDIO) and Dr Helen Caldicott’s NY Symposium on 2nd Anniversary of Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe | 2012 The Awakening Forgotten Fukushima-Japan Two Years After the Daiichi Accident

A wind storm is blowing from right to left on the picture. A tree is pulled up from the ground. The church to the right loses its spire and the house nearby loses its roof. From Olaus Magnus 16th century work Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus

Survival doll. Very cool, tons of storage, the limbs have rice and lentils, the head and body have all sorts of survival tools. This doll is a pice of art but you can totally DIY and customize for your survival needs

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Southern belle by Eno

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