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Akoranga Stefano requested this half sleeve made up of three block about his past, faced adversities and present situation. The first block, the lower armband, is about his family: his base, his origin, with the turtle on the left symbolizing his family, very unite (the braid, chasing birds and sea shell), with a tiki to protect it and the all-seeing eye to keep enemies at bay. The spear heads below the[...]


Family First Tattoo

Polynesian shoulder


Tonui. Be prosperous. This armband tattoo requested by Giacomo is divided into three parts and it incorporates non polynesian elements like laurel leaves and a volley ball. In the greater upper band a hammerhead shark (resilience, tenacity and warrior spirit, sociality) faces and defeats a moray eel (adversities). The sun is[...]


Whakaruruhau. Protector. This half sleeve and pec tattoo requested by Peter represents a warrior (the spear heads, hammerhead shark and centipedes) and the path he has taken to go from difficulties (the moray eels in the past) to serenity (the sun in his present), through[...]


Polynesian Tattoo Drawings | Tribal 30


Markus requested this tattoo about his life: the turtle on the shoulder and arm represents family, which has always been present, trying to give him joy (the sun above it) and stability (the mountains making it). The shell of the turtle is shaped by the maorigram "Herbert" on the left (with a tiki making the left front flipper) and by the maorigram "Doris" on the right (with an ipu on the related flipper). In the middle the two chasing birds represent him and[...]


Family. LMS. On the shoulder of this half sleeve tattoo the turtle symbolizes the importance of family, which[...]


Rene. New beginnings. This half sleeve, shoulder blade and breastplate tattoo requested by Rene is about his life and a door opening on new beginnings. He is symbolized on the arm, his past behind the shoulder and his new family on the pec, closer to the heart. Behind the shoulder, a wave and[...]


Warrior. Protection. The main element of this half sleeve tattoo requested by Owen, in the middle of the shoulder, is a sun symbolizing positivity and eternity with a Marquesan cross in the middle (harmony, balance). Warrior motifs have about the same importance throughout the[...]