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Mainz, mid 16th century. Supposedly a claw of the mythical griffin, half- eagle, half-lion, who speaks in German on the lip: ‘A griffin’s claw I am called, in Asia, Arabia I am well known’. The cup is made from a buffalo horn, set on a claw to resemble the griffin’s talon. This one was made for the von Greiffenclau family who took their name and arms from the griffin.

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Eagle Wax Seal Medallion - Victory & Courage

This medallion is handmade using an antique wax seal dating to the mid 1800's. In Heraldry, the eagle was considered to be the king of birds and was associated with majesty, victory and courage. The wings signify protection, and the gripping talons symbolize ruin to evildoers.

The Owlman, sometimes referred to as the Cornish Owlman or the Owlman of Mawnan, is an owl-like cryptid that was supposedly sighted around mid-1976 in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The Owlman is sometimes compared to America's Mothman in cryptozoological literature. The Owlman is said to stand 4 to 7 ft. tall with a 10 ft. wingspan. The creature is also said to have glowing red eyes, gray feathers, black talons and pointed ears. The Death Raptor is quite…

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La mode des années folles

Velours bleu marine, décor de perles en acier, talon celluloïd incrusté de…

Sézane - Bottines Montana

Sézane - Bottines Montana

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années 1950 Evins Bordeaux pompes - Vintage Art Deco Fan Peep Toe escarpins haut talon Mid Century Bourgogne rouge vin italien à collectionner escarpins

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Image 1 - Monki - Chaussures à lacets et grosse semelle

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Swedish Hasbeens - Sandales effet dentelle à talons mi-hauts - Noir

Swedish Hasbeens - Sandales effet dentelle à talons mi-hauts - Noir 189,99 €