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pleasant corner... visit FAUTEUIL COCKTAIL DES ANNÉES 50

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Appartement Paris Marais : un 25 m2 multifonction

Appartement Paris Marais : un 25 m2 multifonction - Côté Maison



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28 sentiers magiques qui ne demandent qu'à être traversés.

28 sentiers magiques qui ne demandent qu’à être traversés. Chemin sur la montagne de Taiping, Taïwan


TAIPING - Stoneware tea cup - blue enamel

Part II. Hong Xiuquan (1814-1864), caught in the grip of madness, experienced countless revelations and heavenly visitations, issuing doctrines and decrees. He propelled China into an uprising against Manchu rule, which was incompetent, corrupt, brutal, and a crushing burden endured by China's people; the Taiping soon proved as bad if not far worse. The Taiping Rebellion was a horrific civil war in which a quarter of China;s population perished.

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Mes coups de cœur de la semaine #116

Very much liking the rug and the table! The Hanging light is also quite nice. This room does seem a lot bigger than you middle room though. You can't really have a table in the middle of that room, it has to be pressed up against the wall. The colour of the wood is lovely.

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Ces forêts parmi les plus envoûtantes du monde vous donneront envie de vous y perdre

Les forêts font partie des nombreux lieux incroyables que la nature nous offre…