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J'y voit dans cette tache, un effet psychédélique extrêmement intéressant, j'ai pour idée de refaire ce motif sur mon carnet de croquis du moment avec de l'acrylique, j'utiliserait des masses qui se succederait par couche étendues pour réessayer de creer cet effet.


Over 20 years experience in brick cleaning across Sydney and the hills district. Acid washing can also be known as Acid Etching and Acid Cleaning. Acid washing is a specialist field of pressure cleaning used for many cleaning tasks including new brickwork. Acid washing involves using a range of acids such as hydrochloric ,muriatic, phosphoric, activ-acid, oxalic acid and even citric acid to remove stains from concrete, bricks and blockwork. Stains that can be cleaned include cement, rust…

Acid Wash Concrete: Learn how to Acid Wash Concrete, stained concrete floors.

Concrete Decorative Staining -   The etching gel will react differently on different types of concrete surfaces. Concrete slabs that contain a larger amount of lime will experience an actual etching of the surface, creating a slightly rougher texture in the etched areas. The acrylic polymers present in cementitious overlayments will result in a simple color removal only. The longer the DesignEtch remains on the surface, the more “bleaching” will occur.    Positive Color Application  …

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How to Acid Stain Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops can add an industrial feel to your kitchen or bathroom, but you can warm up the room by applying colored acid stain to it. The stain soaks into the concrete, creating a deep level of color while maintaining the hardiness of your concrete counter. Be sure to protect your cabinets and floor before you get started — the acid stain can change the color on those items as well as your countertop.


Concrete Polishing Service Fort Lauderdale - Concrete floor polishing methods can be tedious task hence it is much advisable to contact the professionals for this kind of job. Typically, it involves three levels or phases of work. Exclusive Service in Fort Lauderdale Area : Concrete Cleaning Concrete Restoration Concrete Repair Concrete Acid Staining Out More Information Please Contact us : Fort Lauderdale : 954-566-4555 Email:

Garage Floor Polishing How to Polish Concrete Garage Floors Having concrete floors at home is actually an investment. It certainly adds beauty and elegance to your home. However, you have to maintain concrete floors in order to keep them beautiful. For some this is a tedious task so they simply contact a professional and let them do the job.


Inside or outside, big or small, we can do it all! If you have a flooring project that you want to complete but haven't found a trusting company for the job then look no further. Have National Concrete Polishing help you with whatever task you have in mind! Call Now (877) 958-5732


Quick install concrete countertops ... hmm, interesting.


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