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Les illustrations vectorielles colorées de Vincent Mahé

Colourful vector illustrations by Vincent Mahé

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Magasin de chaussures par Zaha Hadid pour Stuart Weitzman

Zaha Hadid a terminé une boutique à Hong Kong, pour le concepteur américain de chaussures Stuart Weitzman.

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ESPACE : La Terre et ses représentations

ESPACE : La Terre et ses représentations – ReCreatisse


Back to the Future (1985) - Michael J. Fox Avoue il est trop beau lui aussi … bon maintenant il est vieux hein … malheureusement


What’s this? Another bunny yoga sequence from tonedbellyplease? Why yes, yes it is! And this time it’s specifically focusing on opening your hips so you can one day do the splits!  Yoga Bunny originally by Brian Russo NOTE: There was a typo on the original on the 8th pose saying lock knee into elbow. this has been corrected.


This logo is for Disney. They have a signature logo that is recognised internationally. This logo is also used on all of their products as a way of their branding. I think the design works well for this as it makes the products look official rather tham just having this stuck on a label. The typeface used also portrays that Disney is fun and for children from the use of the swirly typeface.


Retour sur le week-end et workshop annuel avec Glenn Ceresoli à notre studio de Hamburg. Donc, c’était mon troisième workshop avec Glenn. Et la première fois depuis que j’ai entamé ma f…