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Symptome Angine Blanche

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Atherome artere microscope

image #00bxes15 Atherosclerosis. Light micrograph of a cross section through an artery with mild atheroma. The artery wall is pink. The formation of a fatty plaque or atheroma (gray, center) has greatly narrowed the size of the artery lumen (white, center). This causes a considerable reduction in blood flow. When this occurs in the arteries leading to the heart, symptoms of angina pectoris (gripping pains in the chest) are frequently experienced. #photo #image #artere #atherome #microscope

Heart Rhythm Disorder Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, Diagnosis, Prevention - MedicineNet

Bromelain is a natural anticoagulant that breaks down the blood-clotting protein fibrin. Two clinical trials suggest the enzyme can improve the symptoms of angina and thrombophlebitis. Bromelain thins blood and mucus, and may benefit asthmatics and chronic bronchitis sufferers. Evidence that B. can trigger beneficial changes in white blood cells, and thus improve immune function. Anti-inflammatory properties (may heal minor muscle injuries) and for alleviating symptoms of rheumatoid…

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the arteries become hardened and narrowed because of an excessive accumulation of plaque around the vessel wall.

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Home Remedies for Chest Pain (Angina)

Top 10 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Clinical trials are set to begin later this year in Australia and New Zealand to see if Viagra may help baby growth in the womb. It seems the wonders and possibilities of the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra appear to be increasing on a regular basis. Earlier this year, scientists claimed that Viagra could impact on white fat cells and thus help to combat obesity...