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The Supernanny’s Amazingly Simple Solution to Tantrums

The Supernanny’s Amazingly Simple Solution to Tantrums - I'm going to have to read her books!

7 Scientific Reasons Why I Don't Punish - Discipline

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10 sleep training tips from Supernanny Jo Frost #sleeptraining #nannylife #nanny #supernanny #sleeptips


Watch Supernanny on UP!


Rules for Bedtime

Jo Frost, ABC's 'Supernanny', offers parents these rules to help put their children to bed, so everyone can get a good-night's sleep.


Disciplining Children - When To Punish and When To Extend Grace

These are great tips on disciplining children. Keeping this for reference!

The Supernanny's Tips on Chores - How Jo Frost gets kids to help out

As a working mom, you're overwhelmed with chores and a mile-long TTD (Things to Do) list. And your kids keep badgering you for the latest electronic gizmos while you're on your hands and knees scrubbing the toilet. How can you get them to help out? Here are some tips from ABC's The Super Nanny to help get your kids off the couch - so you can sit down!


What to do when a child says I can't

How to respond to children and toddlers when they think they can't do something