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Fig. 46: chapiteau végétal de type 4, codage bleu (chap 33).- 170) IMAGES REVUES: Le second (Fig 46 ci-dessus), combine un schématisme géométrique complexe (à base de tiges en V et des spirales adhérant au fond de taille); là encore, on a plus affaire à une variété du type plutôt qu'à une variation. Le type 5 (codage turquoise, Fig 47 ci-après) se trouve sur 2 chapiteaux de cette partie de la nef (et dans la 5° formule mixte que nous analyserons à la suite).

N7: Écrire une suite de nombres dans l’ordre croissant ou décroissant. - L'école de Julie


After being brutally mugged and repeatedly kicked in the head 12 years ago, Jason Padget woke the next day to find his normal world overlaid with complex mathematical formulas. He saw them everywhere he looked, and so he began to draw the things he saw. Instead of numbers, these drawings took the form of vastly intricate fractal shapes and geometric patterns. Garry enjoyed communicating with Jason & having him for a friend

Greece - The most GLORIOUS history!: The Dark Ages of Greece (1100-800 BC) This period was characterized as the "Dark Ages" following the decline and fall of the Mycenean kingdoms after the middle of the 12th century, partially because the facts for this period were very poor. It is also sometimes referred to as the Geometric period from the geometric shapes at the decoration of the vases made during that time. There was a significant migration of peoples during this period both to the…

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Accidental Genius: College Dropout Jason Padgett Became Mathematical Savant After Brutal Mugging



After Brutal Beating, Man's Field of Vision Fills With Fractals - disinformation

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Jason Padgett, Light is Pi, the Shape of Pi unique, mathematical vision of the world. The circle is —created out of 720 hand-drawn triangles