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In the earliest days of the NSDAP, leaders realized that bodyguard units composed of trustworthy and loyal men would be a wise development. Ernst Röhm formed a guard formation from the 19 Granatwerfer-Kompanie, and from this formation the Sturmabteilung (SA) soon evolved.


Horst Wessel was a squad leader in the SA who was killed by communists in 1930. Goebbels turned him into the NSDAP hero martyr. A song Wessel had written was elevated into the co-national anthem known as the Horst Wessel-Lied.

Musketier Max Pfeifer 2. Sturm Kompagnie Sturmabteilung 38 / Sleeve insignia | Divided reverse. Letter kindly translated by Nettenscheider, authored in the trenches on 05/07/1917, Musketier Max Pfeifer advises a family member "ich bin jetzt in dem Sturmtrupp" - he is now in the assault troop. A fine studio portrait of Musketier Max Pfeifer of 2. Sturm-Kompagnie Sturmabteilung 38. Of note is his unofficial insignia on his left sleeve, possibly denoting hi...


Adolf Hitler awarding members of Sturmabteilung Koch the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross.

Hugo Boss Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi Party and in 1928 became an official supplier of uniforms organizations within the National Socialist party, including the Hitler Youth, Sturmabteilung (paramilitary), and the SS.