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Organiser son mariage en hiver

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Nom Latin: Colchicum Automnale Nom Vernaculaire: Colchique d'Automne ,Veilleuse , Tue-chien ,ail des prés, chenard, mort chien, tue-loup, vachette, safran bâtard ,False automn crocus , Showy colchicum, Naked Ladies , Meadow saffron Le colchique d'automne est une plante herbacée vivace à corme C'est une plante assez basse, elle présente la particularité d'avoir deux apparences très différentes : En automne seules les fleurs apparaissent, naissant d'un spathe tubuleux au niveau du sol…

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Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse - The Atlantic

Making Winter for Seeds - A Cold Stratification Guide from Alchemy Works

WILD BLUE IRIS - Iris missouriensis (Seed - Packet 350mg.) This amazing variety of iris grows to full bloom from seed!! It produces beautiful large blue blooms. Also known as western blue flag iris, it is native to a range between Colorado and California, but can grow just about anywhere in the US. It does Establish rhizomes, and comes back every year. Best in full sun, light soil, with good drainage. In addition, germination of this seed can be improved by scarification, then 90-180 days…

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How to Grow Ponderosa Pines From Seed

Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), also referred to as western yellow pine, is a large conifer that drops cones with a seed inside during the summer. Collecting mature cones and putting them through an imbibation and stratification period mimics the natural seeding process for success with germination. Ponderosa pines grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3 through 7. These trees have also been found growing successfully in zone 8 when desirable conditions are present…

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Skittles Science: Exploring Water Stratification

Exploring Water Stratification with Skittles Science. A fun and AFFORDABLE Science Fair Project for Kids!

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In Pictures: Wales Coast Path

Nash Point on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast shows the amazing stratigraphy of sedimentary rocks and water-eroded coastline. Nash point by Tim Wood